Honors Program

The Honors Program in Computer Science and Computer Engineering is designed for the high-achieving undergraduate student and is intended to help the student develop a more comprehensive view of the disciplines of Computer Science and Computer Engineering. The program provides a vehicle for the recognition of achievements beyond the usual. The candidate must satisfy the requirements set forth by the College of Engineering, most importantly 12 hours of Honors credit.

For Information on the Honors Program

The University of Arkansas Honors College administers the Honors Program across all departments. See the Honors College Website for

  • Admission requirements for the honors program
  • Application procedure
  • Key deadlines
  • Information on Research Grants and Study Abroad Grants
  • Information on Honors theses

The College of Engineering Honors Program sets the requirements for Graduation with Honors and provides additional information on the Honors program for majors within our college. See the honors program page of the College of Engineering website. In particular,

CSCE Requirements for Graduation with Honors

Research and Travel Grants

Honors Thesis

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