Research and Travel Grants

The Honors College administers grant programs that are available to honors students.

SURF and Honors College Research Grants

  • See the Honors College website under Research Grants
  • One of the benefits of the University of Arkansas honors program is to enable students to become involved in computing research while working with a faculty member. This is a good resume item but much more than that, such research is a chance for the student to ride the exciting wave of creating new technology.
  • In addition, SURF Grants or Honors College Research Grants are excellent segues to getting your thesis research started in a timely manner.
  • A student needs to have complete six hours of honors courses before the semester that they apply for these grants. Fall applications for honors grants are due around October and for Spring around March (but check the honors college website for the actual dates).
    • Note: For grants, the six hours of honors must be completed at the University of Arkansas, not via AP credit, though honors hours through AP credit can be used incompletion of the 12 hour graduation with honors requirement.
  • Go by and talk to professor about their research, indicate your interest in these grants, and then complete the application package. Start this process a few weeks before the deadline. You can apply for more than one of these grants during your undergraduate years.

Travel Grants and Study Abroad Grants