CSCE Requirements for Graduation with Honors

Requirements for graduation with honors from the CSCE Department are as follows:

  • The Honors College requires a student to maintain a university grade-point average of at least 3.5. The CSCE department similarly requires a minimum 3.5 GPA in the major.
  • For graduation with honors, the College of Engineering requires a minimum of 12 hours of honors courses, with at least 6 in engineering, plus an honors thesis.
  • For Honors courses outside of Engineering, there are many options that will count toward your Engineering degree requirements. Many courses on the approved Humanities/Social Science elective list have Honors sections. Honors Physics is available (as is Honors Calculus, though it is fairly theoretical).
  • Within the major, CSCE requires a student to complete 6 hours of Honors credit, including:
    • 3 hours of non-thesis class work. This requirement can be met with an honors selection of selected CSCE courses listed below:
      • CSCE 3193H. Honors Programming Paradigms (Fa). 3 hours
      • CSCE 3613H. Honors Operating Systems (Sp). 3 hours
      • a graduate CSCE class
    • 3 hours of Honors Thesis taken as CSCE 491VH.