Prospective Students

Why Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

What do the Internet, cell phones, cars, airplanes, the space shuttle, X-Box, and Play Station have in common? They all contain computer hardware and software systems designed by computer scientists and computer engineers. Computer technology permeates all aspects of our lives and accounts for a sizeable portion of our nation's economic base. A degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering will unlock your imagination and position you to participate in the creation of the next generation of technology.

Why this CSCE Department?

Classes within the Computer Science and Computer Engineering department at the University of Arkansas are taught by world experts. The department hosts both Computer Science and Computer Engineering degrees which provides you with a strong background in both disciplines. Students within the department form an active and energetic core, participating in international programming contests, and student run chapters of their professional organization. Honors students participate in the University and College of Engineering honors program and present their honor's thesis results at International conferences.

Why this University?

The University of Arkansas provides an intimate campus environment in the foothills of the Ozarks that fosters collegiality and learning. Campus life is more than classes, and includes a wide selection of social activities including clubs, performing arts, and a wide range of music and entertainment.