Database and Information Systems

Our modern world revolves around information that comes to us in a multitude of formats from a multitude of sources. On a daily basis, we view text documents, images, database records, Web pages, and video clips. The Database and Information Systems lab focuses on improving the security of, access to, and extraction of knowledge from electronic information sources of all kinds, from weakly structured or totally unstructured sources to conventional structured sources. The information must then be efficiently indexed and accurately retrieved. Our database security and forensics research focuses on how to protect the data stored in databases so that the contents can be trusted and, where the data has been accidentally or maliciously corrupted, how we can restore the data so that it can be trusted. Our information retrieval research focuses on how we can exploit the information contained on the Web so that users have access to personalized information that is relevant to their current context.

Graduate classes taught by the primary security and privacy faculty span Database Security, Information Retrieval, Statistical Natural Language Processing, and Computer Forensics. Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students form the core of this work in an interdisciplinary and team based environment.

Primary Faculty

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