Matthew J. Patitz

Matthew J. Patitz

Associate Professor


(CSCE)-Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Phone: 479-575-5590

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Dr. Patitz was an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Texas—Pan American for two years following his graduation and before joining the University of Arkansas. His industry experience, gained between his MS and PhD degrees, includes being a software engineer and team lead for in Silicon Valley.

He has received multiple NSF grants, including an NSF CAREER grant, to fund research in self-assembling systems, and has published a number of papers related to theory, software, and experimental aspects of self-assembling systems.  More informaiton about the research area and his Algorithmic Self-assembly and Natural Computing group's work can be found on

Patitz has a lifelong interest in wrestling and eventually hopes to bolster support for the sport on campus. He and his wife have two children and enjoy traveling. He is also the co-founder and president of Miracle Travel Works, Inc., a non-profit charity that funds medical travel for ill or injured children and their families.

  • Nanoscale, algorithmic self-assembly

  • Biomolecular computing

  • Theoretical computer science

  • B.S., Computer Science, 1998, Iowa State University

  • M.S., Computer Science, 2002, Iowa State University

  • Ph.D., Computer Science, 2010, Iowa State University