graduation embrace

A Message from the department head

Dr. Xiaoqing "Frank" Liu 

 Dr. Xiaoqing Liu

It’s hard to believe the school year has come to a close, and what a year it has been. 

Students faced challenges never before seen by the Department and University, and I’m thrilled to report our seniors have risen to the occasion.  To those students who are graduating -- during your years at the UA, you have learned more than you may realize.  You have worked so very hard to gain the fundamental knowledge necessary to pursue an engineering career.  A career that will not only benefit society, but will be personally rewarding.  

And now, you have graduated -- what a wonderful achievement!  Please accept my hearty congratulations and know that we are so very proud of each and every graduate.  Best wishes for your future, and please keep in touch.

A Message from Dean English

2020 CSCE Outstanding seniors, u of a scholars, and porter stone coop award recipient

Top Row from left to right: Outstanding Senior in Computer Science - Austin Kreulach; Outstanding Senior in Computer Engineering & U of A Senior Scholar - Suhail Ba Salama; U of A Senior Scholar - Brandon Sean Cox

Bottom Row from left to right: U of A Senior Scholar - Austin J. Davis; U of A Senior Scholar - Adam B. Goertz; and Porter Stone Coop Award Winner - Jean Roca


                        Austin Kreulach                      Suhail Ba Salama                     Brandon Sean Cox


                           Austin J. Davis                      Adam B. Goertz                     Jean Roca   




Computer Science

  • Aaron Green
  • Aaron Ork
  • Aaron Tucker
  • Adam Hardman
  • Aditya Dendukuri
  • Alec Ray
  • Alejandro Urquieta
  • Alex Frey
  • Alycia Noel Carey
  • Austin Davis
  • Austin Kreulach
  • Bentley Katherine Lager
  • Brianna Ciora
  • Brittney Pham
  • Caleb Board
  • Chase Pareti
  • Colby Dale Reed
  • Colton Douglas McCasland
  • Corbin Martin
  • Daniel Jeobani Mancia
  • Daniel Perez
  • Daninthia Fox
  • David Rowland
  • Derek Taylor
  • Dillon Van Buskirk
  • Drake Davis
  • Dylan Huber
  • Ethan Wayne Passmore
  • Fadi Almasri
  • Gabrielle Luney
  • Guadalupe Torres
  • Haven Marie-Lucille Brown
  • Ian Matthew Moncur
  • Jacob Hager
  • Jacob Timothy Fung
  • James Hand
  • Jasbir Khatrao
  • Jaylen Kimbrough
  • Jean Pierre Roca
  • Jiamin Lin
  • Johnny Wayne Wolf
  • Jose Garcia
  • Joseph Cantrell
  • Karshin Luong
  • Kassell Harris
  • Kenneth Tyler Gay
  • Kyle Keith Davison
  • Kyle Wilichowski
  • Lane Phillips
  • Lori Dawn De Boer
  • Maharshi Koushik Reddy Dubasi
  • Manuel Delarosa
  • Manuel Serna-Aguilera
  • Marion Chiariglione
  • Markus Sadowski
  • Marshall Richards
  • Mason Prochaska
  • Matthew Scott Hartstein
  • Matthew Sij
  • Michael Adam Dover
  • Michael Fahr
  • Michael Tran
  • Mitchell Merrick
  • Mitchell Norris
  • Natalie Bostwick
  • Nathan William Davis
  • Nicholas Coluccino
  • Nicholas Davis
  • Nicholas Waterworth
  • Noah Holt
  • Odessa Marah Elie
  • Phillip Bourdreau
  • Pietro Malky
  • Reid David Sutherland
  • Reyhaneh Kazeranifarahani
  • Rhett Brandon
  • Ritu Nandini
  • Robert Austin WIlliams
  • Ross McWilliams
  • Roya Rashidi
  • Samuel Le
  • Sarah Bondurant
  • Sarah Pounders
  • Sarah Surraya Paracha
  • Sherill Choong
  • Stephen Byrd
  • Taylor Kinsey
  • Tomas Stevens
  • Tory Adderley
  • Walter Dane
  • William David Turnbough Jr.
  • William Fisher Bissett IV
  • William Henness
  • Zachary Cantrell

Computer Engineering

  • Adam Goertz
  • Ange-thierry Ishimwe
  • Audrey Lauren Timmerman
  • Daniel Steven Bowden
  • Ethan Brugger
  • Forrest Tennant
  • Gabriel Bryant Priest
  • Hunter James Nauman
  • Jasper Harrison
  • Jose Luis Landivar Scott
  • Keaten Stokke
  • Keegan Riley
  • Khern E.F. Toussaint
  • Madison Galloway
  • Nicholas Brinkley
  • Pao Yang
  • Rafael Del Carmen
  • Richard Mays
  • Spencer Heald
  • Suhail Basalama