What is Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

Innovations in the world of computer technology have changed our lives drastically over the past few decades. It’s hard to believe that twenty years ago few people had heard of the internet. Today, computer scientists are busy developing new ideas that will shape the future.

Computer scientists specialize in the software side of computing, focusing on writing new programs that allow computer applications to run faster and more efficiently. You might work for a security company, creating technology that reduces the risks of viruses and hackers, or develop flight simulation exercises that allow airline pilots to practice managing flight problems.

Computer engineers deal with both software and hardware. As a computer engineer, you could design entire computer systems and networks, making sure that the hardware, or physical equipment, is capable of running the appropriate software. You might build devices such as retinal scanners that identify people by checking their eyes, or you could design computers that are incorporated into prosthetic devices to aide people with disabilities.

Those who continue onward to obtain a graduate degree in either computer science or computer engineering learn to advance the frontiers of science.  With an MS or PhD, you will invent the new technologies that enable the next generation of software and computing devices.


news 1

CSCE Associate Professor Bobda Received NSF Grant

Dr. Christophe Bobda, Associate Professor in Computer Science and Computer Engineering (CSCE), was awarded a grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct research in vision systems for autonomous vehicles.

news 2

CSCE Professor Di Awarded Endowed Chair

Dr. Jia Di, Professor in Computer Science and Computer Engineering (CSCE) has been awarded a Twenty-First Century Leadership Chair.

news 3

CSCE Professor Wu Received NIH SubAward

Dr. Xintao Wu, Proessor and Charles D. Morgan/Acxiom Graduate Research Chair in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, has received a subaward that is being supported with a three-year R01 grant.





  • Many Funding Opportunities
  • Multiple Program Options
  • Strong Graduate Curriculum and Excellent Research Opportunities
  • Outstanding Career Opportunities

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